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Proposal Help from the Proposal Concierge

Samuel Garcia, the Romantic's Friend


Proposal Help from the Proposal Concierge

Samuel Garcia.

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Concierges are among the most resourceful staff members at fine hotels. They can arrange dinner reservations at the hottest restaurants, produce tickets to sold-out shows, and make transportation from one point to another appear effortless.

For Samuel Garcia, a concierge in Miami Beach, those tasks are a snap. He wears another hat as well: Garcia is a proposal concierge, and he's worked with a number of would-be fiancés to create ultra-romantic proposal scenarios.

If you're stumped for proposal ideas, you may find inspiration from the following proposals Samuel helped to create:

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

    If you're one of those couples with lots of meaningful places where your courtship took place, consider hiring a limo and driver and creating on postcards a series of clues for the passenger to follow. Sam helped one guest organize such a trip around Miami for his girlfriend that culminated at the resort. The man was waiting for her on the beach and proposed while a harpist played nearby. Afterwards the girl who said "I do" (wouldn't you?) was presented with a leather-bound book that held the clues... whose first letters just happened to spell out "M-A-R-R-Y-M-E."
Progressive Turndown Proposal
    Ever stay at a hotel that removed the bedspread in the evening and left a chocolate on your pillow? That's known as turndown service. For a couple who had booked three nights at Acqualina, the proposal concierge facilitated three different scenarios: The first night, a single red rose and a love poem were left by the pillows. On the second night, a full bouquet of long-stemmed red roses awaited. And on the third night, red rose petals outlined a heart on the bed. Inside, a tray held an open box with a sparkling diamond engagement ring. That night, there was no turn down at the turndown.
Castle in the Sand Proposal
    She thought they were just going for a sunset stroll along Acqualina's gorgeous beach; he, with the help of Sam Garcia, had hired a sand-castle artist to build a wedding cake along the shore and top it with a picture of the couple. They happened upon it just as the sun hovered over the horizon, illuminating the words "Marry me" encircling the "cake" in sand.
Magician's Proposal
    For a couple whose first date took place at a magic show, Garcia worked with the groom-to-be and a professional magician who transformed himself into a hotel waiter for their dinner, unbeknownst to the woman. Along with each course, the prestidigitator produced a bit of magic to delight her. The last course served, dessert, arrived with a presto-chang-o! diamond ring.

Proposal Tips from the Expert

Even if you can't spend a night at a fine hotel, you can still pull off an utterly romantic proposal. Sam advises:
  • Whatever you plan, personalize the proposal to your relationship so that it shows how much you love and treasure the other person.
  • Appeal to as many senses as you can, incorporating music, food, scents, and wonderful things to touch and behold in the proposal.
  • Enjoy every moment of the proposal. Both of you are sharing in an amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life together.
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