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Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic


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Spa and Swimming Pools at Casa de Campo
Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo’s complex of three swimming pools is located off the lobby.

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Casa de Campo’s three-pool complex includes a main pool with a swim-up bar, a rectangular lap pool, and a separate pool for children.

Minitas Beach is located on the property, a 10-minute ride from the lobby or rooms by shuttle or golf cart.

The resort’s spa treatment center, located in a separate building near the lobby, offers massages, facials, and body treatments like the peppermint sea twist, which uses freshly harvested seaweed; and the pomegranate body polish, which uses Dominican cane sugar. For men, there’s a special gentleman’s facial, a deep tissue hot stone massage, and a golfer’s massage.

The bridal day spa package includes a Swedish massage, body polish, facial, and trial make-up. The groom’s day package consists of a gentleman’s facial, a Swedish massage, and a foot spa treatment. Wedding day make-up applications are also available.

Customized packages can also be designed.

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