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Destination Wedding Dresses

Styles of Destination Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online


Destination wedding dresses are a bit different from wedding dresses worn at hometown events. Typically destination wedding dresses have a smaller silhouette, are packable (or at least can be easily revived once you reach your location), and are fabricated from lighter materials. These are some of the prettiest destination wedding dresses around, and all of them can be ordered directly online.

Sarong-Style Destination Wedding Dress

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I'm pretty sure I saw "Sex in the City's" Sarah Jessica Parker wear a dress similar to this; the big flower on the shoulder is definitely a Carrie Bradshaw tip-off. Short, bold, and sexy, with a slit up the front and ruching across the body, this is one of those tropical destination wedding dresses that ensures no one's eyes will leave the bride.

Strapless Destination Wedding Dress

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The sweetheart neckline on this destination wedding dress tops an elegant gown. Strapless and sewn of woven silk georgette, it's one of those destination wedding dresses designed so the bride won't break a sweat even in the warmest climes.

Short Maternity Destination Wedding Dress

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Although it's not billed as a maternity dress, this short, cape-style number can conceal or minimize a baby bump if you so desire.

More Destination Wedding Dresses

If none of the dresses described above is exactly what you're looking for to wear to your destination wedding, click on the link above. It will take you to the main page so you can see this vendor's full inventory of destination wedding dresses. Hopefully there's one for you!

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