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Destination Wedding Advice

Advice on Your Destination Wedding


Destination Wedding Advice

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Looking for some advice on the proper etiquette for a destination wedding? Since the starchy rules of traditional weddings is one thing couples who marry out of town leave behind, it's important to be aware of the new guidelines that have replaced the old rules. This basic advice is key for destination wedding couples to know.

Who should we invite to our destination wedding? After you make up your guest list, ask of each name: Is this someone we’d want to vacation with? You’re going to be spending significantly more time with people at a destination wedding. So if they don’t travel well, delete.

How can we prevent uninvited friends and family from feeling snubbed at our destination wedding? As consolation, arrange for Web cam coverage of your ceremony. Let uninvited guests know when and how to watch it — and that you plan to celebrate with them in person when you get back.

What about plus-ones? Include them. Destination wedding guests have to travel and sacrifice vacation time to attend, so they’re more likely to accept an invitation if they can bring a companion.

Who picks up the tab at a destination wedding? The couple and/or their folks are expected to pay for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and brunch the day after the wedding. Hosts also typically spring for at least one activity, e.g. a group spa event, round of golf, sunset cruise. Guests and members of the destination wedding party are responsible for their own airfare and lodging. (And no welshing on the gift.)

How do we help guests with travel arrangements? Start by sending out save-the-dates. Work with a planner or travel agent who’s savvy about group travel discounts, and communicate logistics on your wedding Web site. Inform older guests by phone.

Any advice about people we love can’t afford to come to our destination wedding? If you can subsidize them, do so.

How soon can we start the honeymoon? Don’t expect privacy if guests linger after your destination wedding. When you’re ready to go it alone, say your good-byes and make a quick getaway to a nearby resort or island.

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