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Travel Deals on Twitter

How to Find Travel Deals on Twitter


The bounty of travel deals on Twitter makes the social networking site an important place for couples with a get-up-and-go spirit to use. Since many travel deals on Twitter have a short lead time, they make the most sense for duos who can take off for an impulsive weekend or quick vacation rather than a honeymoon, which requires more planning. Like the Web's last-minute travel deals, some on Twitter represent unsold or "distressed" inventory (i.e. hotel rooms with disappointing views). But if you love a bargain and have a flexible schedule, these are among the top Twitter handles to follow. (And of course you'll want to follow me on Twitter.)

1. Travelzoo

The Web's leading aggregator of travel deals, Travelzoo maintains a huge staff on the lookout for bargains on flights, hotels, vacations, and cruises. Unless you're a Twitter junkie, the best way to stay on top of the deals is to subscribe to Travelzoo's free weekly newsletter on its Web site. That way, you'll have the info pushed to you, rather than having to catch it when it goes up on Twitter.

If you live in or want to visit a major travel hub, you should follow Travelzoo's local deal sites:

2. airfarewatchdog

George Hobica's Airfare Watchdog Web site is a tremendous resource for savvy travelers. There visitors can search for fares from or to a particular city and the top 50 airfare travel deals and also sign up for free fare alerts. His Twitter presence is an abbreviated version of the site, with quick tips on fresh deals. So if you're just browsing, follow him on Twitter. For full functionality, though, bookmark his actual Web site to customize it for your own city.

3. SmarterTravel

A combination of travel deals, news, trivia, and advice, Smarter Travel on Twitter isn't as focused as the tweets you'll find on Travelzoo or airfarewatchdog, but true to its name, it's consistently enlightening and entertaining. Its info-packed Smarter Travel Web site could use a facelift, though. Scanning the busy homepage gives us a headache.

4. traveldeals

An offshoot of the Trazzler Web site, traveldeals retweets postings from other travel deal sites. There's a bit too much off-topic chatter for my taste but you can still catch a deal here.

5. getatraveldeal

Sylvia Myers, who tweets as getatraveldeal, favors vacation packages as her top travel deals. But don't overlook her Worldwide Twitter Travel List online. She has compiled a list of many hotels and official tourism offices on Twitter. It's arranged alphabetically and easy to scan. The only drawbacks are that, since new Twitter names launch daily, it's neither updated nor comprehensive and she mixes small hotels and insignificant destinations with the majors.

6. hotwire

Willing to take a chance on where you'll sleep? Hotwire won't tell you the name of the hotel until you book, but you will save money on lodging. On Twitter, the hotwire travel deals are automated, so followers get tweets on a melange of destinations, from Prague to Parsippany. Fine-tune your search for travel deals to a specific destination by going to the Hotwire Web site.

7. rickseaney

I always like to see a real person attached to Twitter travel deals. Rick Seaney, the CEO of FareCompare, is a committed Twitterer. His company keeps track of 500 airlines and he gives followers the lowdown on current and upcoming airfare sales.

8. JetBlueCheeps

When it comes to flying, a travel deal is only a good deal if you like the airline. Lots of airline brands Twitter. Some, like the amazing VirginAmerica, a truly great airline, are too chatty for my taste. But the JetBlueCheeps page is all business — and its business is pointing out fare discounts and bargain sales. One day JetBlueCheeps offered a $10 fare from JFK to Fort Lauderdale. It was for next-day travel, but still an amazing travel deal that you would have known about if you followed it on Twitter.

9. cruisedeals

Prefer a ship to a plane when you think about travel? cruisedeals on Twitter posts info on low-cost cruises. Most of the deals are of the grab-em-quick variety that depart soon. And the low prices on these deals are generally for the least desirable cabins. In most cases, you can upgrade on the cruisedeals Web site to secure a nicer berth for extra cash.
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