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Ruby Princess

By Rhonda Barnett

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Ruby Princess in a Nutshell
Ruby Princess

Ruby Princess in the Caribbean Sea, viewed from Princess Cay.

© Rhonda Barnett.
Ruby Princess is a big, beautiful ship that joined the Princess Cruises fleet in November 2008. She incorporates all the current cruising trends that couples appreciate: balcony cabins, anytime dining, specialty restaurants, behind-the-scenes tours, seminars, movies-under-the-stars, high-tech production shows, a thermal spa facility, gym, and a willingness to host special occasions. There is such an extensive array of activities, both free and for-a-fee, that you may feel guilty for just doing nothing aboard.

Love is definitely in the air on this Princess ship. Romance-themed activities for couples are available day and night, and the daily program even incorporates quotes on love.

Our sailing, which took place over Valentine’s Day and during the President’s Day school break, was fully booked. Yet most of the time, in most places, the ship didn’t feel crowded, despite the 3,080 passengers she carried.

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