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Azamara Quest


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Azamara Quest in a Nutshell
Azamara Quest

Azamara Quest docked in Istanbul, Turkey.

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The little known but well regarded small-ship sister to Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Quest provides an intimate and comfortable cruise experience.

In an age of behemoth vessels that carry hordes numbering in the thousands, Azamara's maximum 710 passengers treasure the manageable size of this ship, which never feels crowded.

Exceptionally good food, appealing ports of call — some with overnight docking and off-the-beaten-track appeal — and a ratio of one crew member for each two passengers add up to a satisfying vacation for couples who treasure relaxation over excitement.

On a recent sailing, several people on board were heard to praise the lack of lines everywhere from dining to disembarking. And walking from the bow to the stern on the compact Quest is a breeze rather than a trudge.

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