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Regent Seven Seas Navigator Photo Tour


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Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Navigator Photo Tour

Regent Seven Seas Navigator at sea.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises is one of the world's top luxury cruise lines. It was twice named the World's Best Small Cruise Line by Travel & Leisure Magazine readers.

Refined and elegant, subdued and focused on personal service, the only thing a Regent cruise has in common with cruise lines that market to masses and carry thousands of people per sailing is that they all travel via water from port to port. This is a ship for those who recognize and can afford the good life.

This luxury does come at a price: Regent Seven Seas Cruises are significantly more expensive than other cruises that depart from and call at the same ports. Yet many experienced and discriminating passengers willingly pay a premium to sail Regent's fleet of six-star ships. For example, despite the no-tipping policy (gratuities are included in the cruise fare), there’s an extraordinary level of service on board.

Fellow passengers tend to be primarily mature couples, gay and straight, with few children around to disturb anyone's appreciation of the peace and quiet that engender true relaxation.

Except for June through August sailings, when school's out and Club Mariner opens, there are no organized children's activities. The absence of announcements, obnoxious photographers, and loud music add to the serenity.

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