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Star Clipper

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Star Clipper

No one can accuse these Star Clipper passengers of being net nerds.

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The Bottom Line

Star Clipper is the tallest sailing ship ever built. It has teak, brass, a crew of 72, and room for 170 passengers. The ambiance is intimate and romantic—each sunset sails go up to the tune of "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis. Star Clipper encourages non-traditional activities like hoisting the sails, steering, climbing the mast or lounging on the nets. Thanks to its small size, Star Clipper can tender to ports that large cruise ships don’t visit.


  • Star Clipper is like a private yacht
  • Passengers can get acquainted with everyone on board including the captain
  • If you like the “motion of the ocean...”
  • You'll love relaxing on a deck and watching the sails


  • Small cabins and no balconies
  • The largest stateroom is deck side at 150 square feet
  • No casinos, no big entertainment; nighttime fun consists of sing-alongs, contests
  • No room service and no gym


  • All cabins have TV, direct-dial phones, individual thermostats, and turndown service.
  • The outdoor Tropical Bar is the gathering area for onboard entertainment and sunset cocktails.
  • An indoor Piano Bar has a window on the deck pool and comfortable sitting areas.
  • The elegant main deck library has two computers with spotty email access.
  • There are small pools on the fore and aft decks.
  • The watersports crew leads trips to local beaches for snorkeling, sailing, waterskiing, and more.
  • The dining room has open seating for dinner and buffet-style lunch and dinner.
  • Dining is European style, with four-course dinners and huge breakfasts.
  • A massage therapist is available.

Guide Review - Star Clipper

We took Star Clipper's 11-night cruise to the Mediterranean. Embarkation took place in Cannes and she sailed to the ports of Calvi, Corsica; Capri, Italy, Lipari Islands, Italy, Taormina, Sicily, Corfu, Greece, Saranda, Albania, Kotor, Montenegro, Korcula, Croatia and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The sailing experience was spectacular. Star Clipper makes such a gorgeous statement that locals often cheered when we pulled into port. In most ports, it was necessary to tender to shore. We had a small outside cabin, 129 square feet with a porthole and a marble bathroom. It was compact but very well organized with plenty of space for all of our gear.

Star Clipper has many repeaters and people who like adventure. You won’t find any couch potatoes on these cruises. Passengers, mainly European, were a bright and interesting lot.

At the beginning of the cruise, a couple from Boston renewed their wedding vows at sunrise on deck with champagne and orange juice for all. One of the guests read poetry as the sun rose over the mountains in Capri. And that was just the beginning of a series of delightful days at sea on the Star Clipper.

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