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Vow Renewals Cruise

Renew Your Wedding Vows on a Cruise


Vow Renewals Cruise

Vow renewal ceremony aboard Holland America's Westerdam.

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A vow renewal is a sentimental rather than an official legal event like a wedding. So vow renewal packages and ceremonies on cruises run the gamut from free to expensive, simple to elaborate.

Holland America's vow renewal ceremony is officiated by the captain.

Carnival Cruises offers two vow renewals packages. The standard one includes a certificate, sparkling wine toast, keepsake flutes, flowers for both parties, and a wedding cake.

Party On Board!

With the popularity of family reunions aboard cruise ships and groups of friends arranging to cruise together, couples planning and onboard vow renewal have a built-in party guest list (in addition to any friends they make at sea). Programs & Packages on Specific Cruise Lines >

Carnival Cruises' deluxe vow renewals cruise package includes all the elements of the standard one plus an hour's open bar and hors d'oeuvres.

Other cruise lines accommodate couples who want to share their happiness after a vow renewal ceremony by charging a reasonable per-person fee for food and drinks.

Who's Renewing Your Vows?

A vow renewal ceremony may involve just the two of you and the speaker, or it may be a less-personal group vow renewal. On some ships, the captain performs vow renewals on board — or in the case of Holland America ships that sail the Caribbean, in a small chapel on the line's private island.

In general, vow renewal ceremonies are led by a non-denominational officiant. However, it pays to check. In one instance, I became uncomfortable standing with my husband in a group vow renewal led by a man whose fervid religion I did not share.

If you are happy with the officiant, though, a gratuity will be appreciated.

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