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Wedding Anniversary Cruises

Celebrate an Important Anniversary at Sea



Holland America's Zuiderdam docked in Cozumel.

(c) Susan Breslow Sardone.
With the stress of a wedding and honeymoon long over, anniversary cruises can be delightful -- which is why couples of all ages take to the seas to celebrate their special day.

Many cruise ships offer wedding anniversary packages similar in price and amenities to honeymoon packages. They include things like flowers and sweets, sparkling wine and commemorative glasses.

While some anniversary cruise packages include a portrait and frame in the cost, others do not. Regardless, do have your picture taken on board, when you're dressed in your finest outfit. Once you're home, it's likely to become a treasured memento worth the expense.

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Couples with sweet tooths can have an anniversary cake served at dinner (in addition to the regular dessert). Simply ask the maitre d' to have a cake prepared the day before you want it. Generally there is no charge for the cake, but a discreet tip can ensure the best service.

The Not-So-Newlywed Game

Sometimes it's things that cost nothing that make an anniversary cruise so much fun. I've been on several cruises with my husband that offer variations on this game.

If you remember the old "Newlywed Game" TV show, it's the same idea: Get four couples, ask the wives questions without the husbands around, and then do the reverse with the husbands. Then the couples compare answers, and the couple that ends with the most matching answers wins a small prize.

Tried as I might to coach my husband before the game (If it's a color, say blue, if it's a room in the house, say the kitchen), we never came in first. Fortunately, though we do see eye to eye on the fun of an anniversary cruise.

While not every anniversary couple is interested in repeating their wedding vows on a cruise, some relish the thought. That's why many ships offer Vow Renewal Ceremonies Onboard >

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