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Cruising Your Way

Part 1: Why Choose a Cruise?


Norwegian Dawn NYC

The Norwegian Dawn sails out of New York City year round.

(c) NCL.
Does your ideal romantic getaway include exploring multiple destinations, eating fabulously well, and engaging in all your favorite activities?

What if such a vacation were available at an all-inclusive price, you never had to lug a suitcase from place to place, and each night you were gently rocked to sleep? If that seems like your idea of heaven, cruising is tailor-made for you.

Today's cruises offer passengers a world of choices under bright blue skies and vivid sunsets. On board many of these floating hotels you'll find spas, swimming pools, health clubs, movie theaters, and an impressive selection of sports and cultural activities.

Cruising your way offers a world of choices when it comes to:

  • Destinations
  • Embarkation Port
  • Ports of Call
  • Length of Cruise
  • Sailing Vessel
  • Cabin
  • Dining
  • On-Board Activities
  • Land Tours and Excursions
Short voyages from two to five nights acquaint first-time passengers with the joys of life at sea. "Cruises also have an excellent history of safety and security," adds Bob Sharak of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which represents 23 different cruise lines.

While traditional cruises still offer formal nights and assigned seating at meals, the trend is toward ships with greater dining flexibility. So that means that young lovers needn't get stuck with travelers their parents' ages -- or with people they'd prefer to avoid.

Want to dress up for an evening? Great. If casual chic is more your style, the two of you will in good company as well.

"Getting to a cruise has never been easier, since ships now depart from more domestic ports than ever before," adds Linda Coffman of Cruisediva.com. "Forty percent of North Americans can now embark on a cruise within a half-day drive of their home. With low fares and easy accessibility, cruises are ideal for romantic weekends or fun-filled vacations to fascinating ports of call."

Although most cruise passengers continue to buy cruises through travel agents, nearly 10 percent purchase online. Expedia and Travelocity both have comprehensive, well-designed cruise areas that enable users to compare ships side-by-side. Priceline and Orbitz recently offer discounts on cruises, too.

CLIA's site provides a wealth of information on cruising and details on ships ranging from small yachts to vast ocean-going vessels.

Sound appealing? Then sail on....

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