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Celebrity Century Cruise


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Celebrity Century Cruise in a Nutshell
Celebrity Century Cruise

Celebrity Century docked in Copenhagen, Denmark..

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Launched in 1995 and refurbished in 2006, Celebrity Century accommodates up to 1750 guests and today is considered a mid-size cruise vessel.

Sailing on Celebrity Century is akin to wearing a favorite pair of shoes. They're comfortable and familiar, slightly worn in spots, and no longer the height of fashion. Yet they're capable of carrying someone to the most wondrous places.

Celebrity Century primarily sails short Caribbean cruises in winter and goes on longer ten-and-twelve-night European journeys to the Baltic capitals, Ireland, the Norwegian fjords, and the Arctic Circle in summer.

Its European itinerary is ideal for couples who already have at least one cruise under their belts and are ready to upgrade from a party-like brand and see another area of the world in the company of an experienced staff.

Depending on the number of nights a cruise lasts there will be at least one formal night, where dressing up -- jackets for men; dresses, skirts, or good pants with a fancy top for women -- is required. Couples who prefer to remain in casual clothes can eat at the ship's buffet or arrange for room service delivery.

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