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USA Cruise Ports

Take a No-Fly Vacation by Driving to a Nearby Cruise Port


Norwegian Dawn NYC

The Norwegian Dawn sails out of New York City year round.

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Nearly half the population of the USA lives within a few hours of one of its cruise ports. The advantage of being able to drive to cruise ports is that it spares passengers both the expense of flying to an embarkation point as well as the stress of airplane travel.

Check the list below to find cruise ports closest to where you live:

New York/New Jersey Cruise Ports

Other Eastern US Cruise Ports Florida Cruise Ports Other Southern US Cruise Ports California Cruise Ports Other Western US Cruise Ports Hawaii Cruise Ports No-fly cruises that leave from USA ports tend to sail to nearby destinations. For example, those that depart New York's three cruise terminals typically sail to Canada, the eastern seaboard, Bermuda, or the Caribbean islands.

Some cruises do make transatlantic journeys, although the majority of those passengers fly home afterwards to save time.

If you're looking for a no-fly vacation, consider taking a cruise that embarks from the port closest to your home. Long-term parking is available at most cruise terminals, so you can drive to the port, park, and it's easy sailing after that.

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