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Clint Brownfield Bio

By Clint Brownfield

Clint Brownfield Bio

Clint behind the wheel of a Formula One race car in Provence, France.


Clint Brownfield has been a full-time freelance travel writer since 1997 and considers it a tremendous privilege to have been able to report from all seven continents, 50 countries, and 43 states—nearly 200 trips in all. His base is New York City, the destination he loves more than any other.

Where It All Began:

Raised on a small farm near Kansas City, MO, Clint's grandparents took him on their weekend trips to Bennett Springs, in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, where his maternal grandfather was recognized as one of the state’s foremost dry-fly trout anglers. At a young age, it was determined that little Clint was too flighty for serious trout fishing. Undeterred, he struck a deal with his grandfather, Sam-Sam would catch them and Clint would eat them. To this day, Clint enjoys reporting about food (and beverages) as he circles the globe.


Those early trips set in motion the desire to go places. Since 1997, he’s really been around—reporting for major magazines, newspapers and network television and radio shows. He’s written for Foreign Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, Brides, For the Bride, Woman’s Day, International Yachtsman, Los Olas, Lincoln Road, France Guide 2011, and has appeared on WABC-AM NY, FOX News, and KMOX radio, St. Louis.

From Clint:

My main philosophy is: “The more I know—the less I know." Hopefully that keeps me from being a smug drone at cocktail parties as I describe my job—one of the most envied in the world. I feel it is part of that job to report on places around the globe where travelers can have a good time, learn something along the way, and make the world a better place by being friendly and kind to the people we meet.


Brownfield received a bachelor’s degree from the University Missouri School of Journalism and attended graduate school at Pratt Institute, where he is “in thesis."

Contact Information:

Clint Brownfield
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