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Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel


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Mohegan Sun Weddings
Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel

An example of the executive chef's wedding-cake handiwork.

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Mohegan Sun doesn't hold many wedding ceremonies (there is no chapel). Couples are more likely to choose it as a venue for a rehearsal dinner, bachelor or bachelorette party, or wedding reception. Several restaurants contains private dining rooms.

The vast, two-floor convention center has numerous rooms that can be customized to create a romantic look, but couples may not want to site a friends-and-family event in such a busy and business-oriented space -- unless they take it over entirely. Mohegan Sun could accommodate a wedding party as large as 1,300 in its Uncas Ballroom.

Intimate Wombi Rock in the Leffingwells Martini Lounge (underneath Planetarium Dome) is a better choice. The sexy, glassed-in private space looks down upon the casino. It's named after a nearby spot where tribal Mohegans once gathered -- but we doubt the original contained stylish burgundy velvet chairs and a private bar as the casino-hotel's version does.

One major point of distinction that couples planning a wedding should know about is the services of the executive pastry chef. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world's biggest wedding cake. Not only are his creations big; they are works of art.

To find out about holding an event, contact convention services or the catering department at Mohegan Sun.

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