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Revolving Restaurants for Romantics

Dining When You're Dizzy with Love


Revolving Restaurants for Romantics

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada.

© Susan Breslow Sardone.
What is it about revolving restaurants that appeals to romantics? Perhaps it's that we're already a bit dizzy with love — and the turning of the restaurant somehow re-balances our sense of equilibrium.

Or perhaps we simply enjoy the changing view. Most revolving restaurants are set high in a tower and make a 360-degree rotation during the course of a meal, allowing diners to take in the panorama below.

Metropolis Magazine had this to say about revolving restaurants:

    The revolving restaurant is an American idea that conquered the world. What began as an architectural folly for the 1962 World's Fair has spread to almost every corner of the globe.

Haute Cuisine or Haute Views?

If you've always wanted to "eat around," consider making a reservation at one of these revolving restaurants. Do keep in mind that most are far better known for their architectural gimmick than their cuisine. Also, avoid overdoing it with alcohol. Many a tipsy diner has had a tough time navigating back to the table after a bathroom break — only to find the table has moved!


Atlanta Revolving Restaurant
The Sun Dial at the Westin Peachtree Plaza

Houston Revolving Restaurant
Spindletop at the Houston Hyatt Regency

Las Vegas Revolving Restaurant
Top of the World in the Stratosphere Hotel

New York City Revolving Restaurant
The View in the New York Marriott Marquis Times Square

Tampa Revolving Restaurant
CK's Revolving Rooftop Restaurant in the Tampa Airport Marriott

Seattle Revolving Restaurant
SkyCity in the Space Needle


Niagara Falls Revolving Restaurant
Skylon Tower

Ottawa Revolving Restaurant
Merlot at the Ottawa Marriott

Toronto Revolving Restaurant
360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower

Vancouver Revolving Restaurant
Vistas at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside

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