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Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua


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Is Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort Right for You?
Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

One of Pelican Eyes’ three pools.

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Nicaragua is safe as far as Latin American countries go, and the Nicaraguans are friendly and warm. Pelican Eyes is not a pamper parlor, though massage and pamperings are available; you just have to ask.

This property is for those who are eager to see the Third World from a comfortable perch with hot running water and insect screens. It is a western haven only a membrane away from the differences and challenges of Third World life. Pelican Eyes will hold your hand through all your forays outside of the complex and make your visit to Nicaragua a rich cultural experience.

Pelican Eyes is referred to as “a hiking property” because you have to go up or down its stairs to get anywhere. The steps are even and not steep. Pelican Eyes is probably not a good idea for the weak-hearted. But if you consider the steps as a replacement for the gym that is not yet built, you can get a work-out that way.

Stay here if you want your privacy, but enjoy talking to others as well. The staff is friendly and eager to please, and apt to befriend you over your stay.

And the fact that profits from your visit fund the A. Jean Brugger Foundation that helps local children get schooling, might satisfy the socially conscious traveler.

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