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Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua


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What Could Be Improved at Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort
Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

“El Mercado” in the center of town.

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Some signage along the steps of Pelican Eyes giving directions, and some to identify the many plantings and birds, would be helpful.

A tribute to nature would underscore the management’s commitment to the area.

The hotel parking area doubles as delivery entrance. It is an odd eyesore compared to the well-thought-out design of the rest of the property.

Pelican Eyes also could promote its use of local fruits and vegetables. Its suppliers are almost all organic, I was told, certainly worth mentioning on their menu.

Latin music at the bar, bottled water in the fridge, a Jacuzzi, and some better tasting smoothies would enhance Pelican Eyes. And the chef would do well to reconsider the tortilla chips at the bar. They won’t kill you, but with one look at them, you will think they might.

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