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Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua


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Honeymoon Package at Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort
Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

Working harbor of San Juan del Sur.

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Planning to visit Nicaragua on your honeymoon? With its many active and inactive volcanoes, large lakes, ocean, warm climate, and warm people, Nicaragua has much to offer honeymoon couples.

The three-night honeymoon package at Pelican Eyes provides ocean-view casita lodging, airport pick-up, a bottle of chilled champagne upon arrival, a candle-lit dinner on your private terrace, and a full gourmet breakfast.

The private setting and the luxurious sunsets over the Pacific in the distance are romantic enough, but added to this package is a one-hour massage for both bride and groom and a one-day sail on the hotel's own 42’ sloop, Pelican Eyes.

The sailboat ride can be replaced with one of several different tours, if sailing is not preferred.

Options include the zip-line canopy tour. Strapped into a harness, you “zip” from platform to platform and see breathtaking views of the lush valley and large lakes of the area.

Another option is a day at Majagual Beach, a bumpy twenty minutes by car from the hotel. Majagual is a stunning and quiet beach not popular amongst the surfers who surf Maderas Beach in the adjacent cove. This excursion includes a picnic lunch and bottle of wine, most likely Chilean.

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