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Celebrity Solstice


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Celebrity Solstice in a Nutshell
Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice features six decks with balcony cabins.

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It’s always exciting when a new ship debuts, and when one sails into port that represents an entire new class of vessel for a cruise line, it’s especially noteworthy. In November 2008, the first ship in Celebrity Cruise’s new Solstice class debuted Not only is she a beauty; she's perfect for a couple on a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

In total, there will be five new Solstice-class ships introduced, the last one due from the shipbuilder in 2012.

Modern and stylish, Celebrity Solstice doesn’t echo cruise ships that hark back to traditional European style. Bright, open, and airy, she even has a top deck planted with soft green grass.

First in this new class of Celebrity ships, Solstice accommodates 2,850 passengers in 1,425 double-occupancy cabins – meaning you won’t find many families with a passel of kids running around to interrupt your leisure at sea (although there are 121 connecting suites).

Best of all, cabins on one entire deck – the spa-oriented AquaClass, Deck 12 – is exclusively for couples to enjoy. As far as I know, this is a first at sea. Alas, children are permitted in the spa and fitness facility, but no doubt eagle-eyed staff will ensure that disruptive ones will be politely driven from the sanctuary.

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