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Castle Hotels in Europe

Castles and chateaux in Europe that have been converted into hotels.

Historic European Hotels
Unlike modern chain hotels, Europe's historic hotels are all individually owned properties, decorated to reflect the local culture and surroundings.

Dromoland Castle Hotel
An ultra-romantic castle hotel in Ireland, outside of Dublin.

Leeds Castle
Tour the magical place in Kent known as "the ladies' castle" and "the loveliest castle in the world" -- and discover how to go there in style.

Waterford Castle
Waterford Castle stands on its own island outside the Irish city of the same name.

Wales Castles
Wales has more than 600 castles. Though some are in various states of decay, many are actually in very good condition, especially considering that some date back to the 12th century or earlier.

"Joe Millionaire's" French Chateau
The French castle where the original "Joe Millionaire" took place is a hotel outside of Paris.

Sweden's Hackeberga Castle
If you believe there's no place more romantic to stay in than a castle, check into Hackeberga Castle, 30 minutes from the harbor city of Malmo.

Hotel Castle Schloss Lebenberg
An Austrian castle hotel located on the ouskirts of Kitzbuhel, a popular ski resort.

Castle Hotels of England, Scotland, and Wales
The UK is dotted in castles and quite a few have been converted into fabulous, fantasy hotels.

Castle Hotels and Chateaux in France
A selection of hotels in French castles open to commoners. From About's France for Visitors Guide.

Castle Hotels in Italy
From About.com's Italy for Visitors Guide.

Award-Winning Hotel Castello di Casole in Tuscany
A top-rated hotel on historic grounds that once held a 10th-century castle.

Castle Combe Manor House
Fourteenth-century British castle in the Cotswolds between Bath and Chippenham. From the About Architecture Guide.

Irish Castle Hotels
Four- and five-star Irish castle hotels.

Castle Hotels in England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales
Find a castle hotel in the British Isles.

Polish Castle Hotels
Palace and castle hotels are romantic in their own right, but put them at a waterfront and they become magical. From About.com's Guide to Eastern Europe.

Pousadas of Portugal
Former castles, monasteries, and other historic buildings in Portugal have been converted to hotels.

Rhine River Valley Castles and Towers
Castle hotels in western Germany.

Swinton Park
Ancestral castle hotel in Yorkshire, England.

Castle Hotels in France
Family-owned company with 10 castle hotels in France.

Six Sexy Castles
A collection of castles chosen by the About Architecture Guide. Most can be visited but not all accommodate overnight guests.

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