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Caribbean Hotels on Sale

When to Get the Best Rates on Hotels in the Caribbean


Caribbean Hotels on Sale

Hibiscus suite bedroom at Half Moon Resort in Jamaica.

(c) Half Moon Resort.
By Susan Breslow Sardone

April 15 may mean tax woes to some...but others know it as the day rates drop at hotels all over the Caribbean. It's traditionally the time of year when tourism slows, hotels have more rooms available, and prices sink 15 - 50% under prime-time winter rates.

If you're thinking about planning a Caribbean getaway for this time, you'll get more for your money and be able to stay in your choice of hotels longer by paying attention to the calendar. Just don't wait too long: Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and lasts until November 1. Read about Caribbean weather and "safe" islands before you book.

Use the links below to find the best places to spend your Caribbean vacation. Wherever you go in the islands, come April, there's a good chance you'll find prices well below what winter vacationers pay.

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