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Peter Island Resort on Peter Island in the BVI


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Welcome to Peter Island Resort
Peter Island Resort on Peter Island in the BVI
(c) Peter Island Resort.

Peter Island Resort is a quiet, deluxe, yet unpretentious beach resort on the largest (1,800 acres) privately owned isle in the British Virgin Islands in the northern Caribbean.

It is not part of a chain but the labor of love of a wealthy American family that is committed to guest comfort and to keeping Peter Island undeveloped.

This romantic resort offers well-appointed accommodations in beachfront suites and private cottages. The look inside is more British yachting elegance than a tropical or designer style. Three lavish, multi-bedroom hilltop villas are available for indulgent fees.

Peter Island Resort draws mostly couples and is best suited to active twosomes. The resort’s most outstanding attribute is its variety of recreation. Couples can hike, bike, sail, windsurf, snorkel, swim in the ocean or pool, and play tenis, basketball, and volleyball. There’s a nice little gym as well.

The spa offers Caribbean-accented treatments and features privates couples’ areas and lovely outdoor pavilions.

For an additional fee, an on-premises dive shop takes certified divers on excursions to legendary BVI dive sites.

Dining at Peter Island is limited to one casual outdoor and one dressier indoor-outdoor restaurant. Fortunately, they are both very good. After dinner, there’s not much to divert visitors' attention except Caribbean rum, the brilliant night sky, and night-blooming jasmine, the scent of romance. Hence Peter Island’s appeal to lovebirds.

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