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Rosewood Little Dix Bay, BVI


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Nearby Rosewood Little Dix Bay
Rosewood Little Dix Bay, BVI

Some of the boulders at The Baths are as big as a house.

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No trip to Virgin Gorda would be complete without a visit to The Baths, a geological wonder at the end of the island which looks like giant elephants or Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons cut loose and landed on Virgin Gorda in the form of colossal granite boulders.

There are quite a few steps down a cliff to wade through the labyrinth that is The Baths, so it’s recommended that on the way back, one should stop at the friendly bar at the top to sample one of the island’s famed rum drinks: The Pain Killer.

The resort also offers complimentary drops to seven area beaches, where guests can sun, swim and dine on picnic lunches packed by the resort’s foodies. Rollicking taxi rides into Spanish Town can easily be arranged for $5 per person, where guests can dine and party with the locals--Virgin Gorda’s population is around 3,700. The resort also offers diving expeditions and sunset cruises on its snazzy catamaran and excursions to neighboring islands in the BV and USVIs.

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