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Rosewood Little Dix Bay, BVI


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Rosewood Little Dix Bay in a Nutshell
Rosewood Little Dix Bay, BVI

Yes, this is the place that couples fantasize about.

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This stunning boutique resort was built and opened by Laurance S. Rockefeller (of THE Rockefellers) in 1964 and continues to reign as one of the premiere places to stay in the Caribbean — or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Well-heeled travelers, many of who were married and spent their honeymoon here, return year after year, spreading the word to family and friends, who in turn travel to this gracious enclave.

Guests come here to relax and experience the legendary laid-back pampering offered by a staff that, in many cases, have worked at the romantic resort for generations. The private half-mile, crescent-shaped beach is the main attraction, where just about every guest has a view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and the smaller islands that dot the seascape.

Elegant accommodations blend unobtrusively into the lush landscape and are located just steps from the beach. Let the romance begin!

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