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Jewish Budapest in Pictures

A Pictorial of Jewish Budapest


Couples consider many factors before deciding where to travel, and heritage often plays a role. Before World War II, 21 percent of the population of Budapest, Hungary was Jewish and Jews made a vital contribution to the country's cultural and intellectual life.

Nonetheless, Jews were forced into a ghetto. By war's end 550,000 were murdered by their own people, the Hungarians, and the Nazis.

Today there are approximately 80,000 Jewish people living in Budapest and a total of 100,000 in all of Hungary.

Many motion pictures have been made that attempt to bring the horror and reality of the Holocaust to modern audiences. "The Last Days" (compare prices) documentary produced by Steven Spielberg visits 5 surviving Hungarian Jews and follows them back to locations where they narrowly escaped the fate of their countrymen. This recommended film helps to explain how much was lost during those terrible years.

These pictures show parts of Jewish Budapest today, a shadow of its former self.

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Great Synagogue of BudapestVisiting the Great SynagogueGreat Synagogue InteriorHoly Ark of the Great Synagogue
Great Synagogue Courtyard CemeteryRaoul Wallenberg MemorialMemorial of the Hungarian Jewish MartyrsShoes on the Danube Promenade
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