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Romantic Bruges

View Bruges, the Most Romantic City in Belgium


The city of Bruges, Belgium — with its medieval architecture, graceful canals, horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping over cobblestones, and outdoor cafés where you can savor fine Belgian beer — is one of the most romantic in Europe.

Just an hour or so by train from Brussels Central station, Bruges (also spelled Brugge) is an ideal destination for a day or brief overnight trip. Much of Bruges is too narrow for cars, so plan to walk, bike, ride in a carriage, or sail on a canal boat past its ancient byways to discover its romantic and historic treasures.

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Begijnenvest Park BrugesHendrik Pickery in BrugesLake of LovePoertoren Medieval Tower
BeguinageSinging NunsVirgin Mary StatueCanal Boats
Bruges CanalHorse-Drawn CarriageWater Fountain for HorsesBruges by Bike
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