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Pestana Rio Atlantica Brazil Hotel


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Pestana Rio Atlantica in a Nutshell
Pestana Rio Atlantica Brazil Hotel

The hotel fronts Copacabana Beach.

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Rio de Janiero is synonymous with sophistication, an image the Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel lives up to. This modern 12-story hotel, owned by the Portuguese hotel chain Pestana since 1999, has a polished, European ambience. Its location couldn’t be better. The hotel fronts scenic white-sand Copacabana Beach, putting the lively beach scene just steps away.

Of Rio’s two most famous beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema, Copacabana is considered the superior one by locals. While a few energetic souls engage in biking, jogging, and impromptu volleying with a soccer ball, the main activities are lying in the sun and meeting-and-greeting. Although there are plenty of teeny-weeny bikinis with thong bottoms, ironically going topless is not permitted. Vendors roam the beach hawking food, drinks, and souvenirs.

The same laid-back ambience permeates Pestana Rio Atlantica’s expansive and inviting lobby. It features several sitting areas with citrus-colored walls and the sleek Lobby Bar, which tends to attract the hotel’s guests rather than people wandering in from the beach. The hotel’s elegant restaurant, Cais da Ribeira, overlooks the ocean.

The hotel’s oceanfront guestrooms offer spectacular views of the blue-green Atlantic, the mountains, and the strip of hotels and condos lining the waterfront. On the roof is the biggest pool on Copacabana, which is outdoors and provides panoramic views. A deckside restaurant serves drinks and light meals. The staff is polite and professional, doing its best to communicate even though few speak English.

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