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Romantic Boston Hotels

Top Hotels in Boston for Couples



Boston Public Garden.

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Sophisticated Boston is a great city for romance, and its best hotels roll out the red carpet for couples. You'll find a wide choice of grand and suite hotels in Boston proper (and proper it can be).

Farther afield find all-season hotels and resorts in the Berkshire Mountains or by the Cape Cod seashore, both a nice drive from Boston.

One thing that isn't romantic in Boston is driving. Parking is troublesome in both Boston and Cambridge, and motorists are notorious free spirits. If you drive and stay at one of the Boston hotels with a parking garage, walk or use public or hotel-supplied transportation once you pull into a spot. Be prepared to pay a high rate for hotel parking.

Best Romantic Boston Hotels
I think you'd get a kick out of staying in the Liberty Hotel. The former Charles Street Jail, it's now a sexy place with a storied past.

If you want to experience a contemporary classic hotel, try the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common, a half block from the park.

Three other romantic and refined Boston hotels are at the top of their game: Fifteen Beacon, the Mandarin Oriental, Boston and Four Seasons Hotel Boston have all represent modern luxury. They are expensive, but if you're going to splurge in a city, you can't do better than these hotels.

Talk to older people, and you may find them getting starry-eyed about the Fairmont Copley Plaza. It opened in 1912 and contains two romantic Boston landmarks: the elegant Oak Room for dining and the adjacent Oak Bar, a chic spot to sip a martini or make a proposal. It also boasts one of Boston's best raw bars.

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Romantic Cambridge Hotels
The best Cambridge hotels don't quite match Boston hotels in quality, but if you want to stay on the other bank of the Charles River, consider:
  • Hyatt Regency Cambridge. Ask for a room with an outdoor balcony, and you may be awakened to the sounds of a scull team coaxing, "Stroke... stroke... stroke." (Not a bad soundtrack for a romantic getaway!) The top-floor restaurant revolves to provide 360-degree views of the Boston skyline and Charles River. Visit it for dessert and coffee or dancing after the dinner crowd departs.
  • Hotel Marlowe, a Kimpton Hotel maintains that brand's reputation for whimsical contemporary design and pet-friendliness.
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