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Enhance Romance

Tips to Add More Romance to Your Love Life


Pink rose

Roses enhance romance.

Is there enough romance in your love life? Romance doesn't have to cost a thing; romance simply requires some thought about what you can do to please your mate more. Once you dedicate yourself to enhancing romance, you're likely to experience greater intimacy and an improved love life. Here are just a few ideas to increase the amount of romance in your life:


ROMANCE TIP #1: Write a Love Letter

Sometimes it's easier to put thoughts of romance in a letter than to speak them aloud. If that's how you feel, follow these simple tips for writing a personal, deeply felt love letter that expresses your feelings of romance and affection for the other person.


ROMANCE TIP #2: Say it with Roses

A bouquet of roses can work wonders to melt a heart or forgive a hurt. But before you pick up a stem, make sure that the color roses you select send the correct message of romance.


ROMANCE TIP #3: Plan a Romantic Getaway

Sometimes simply planning and anticipating a trip will heighten feelings of romance. Set aside time to go over your calendars, determine when you can get away, and discuss what type of setting you consider best for romance. Find current information on romance packages by clicking the link above.


ROMANCE TIP #4: Surprise Your Partner with a Small Gift

Whether it's a scented candle, a bottle of massage lotion, or some bubble bath, your gift of romance doesn't have to be expensive... just something that will please your mate. And if you want to turn up the heat even more, assemble an entire basket of romance with a variety of sensual gifts inside.


ROMANCE TIP #5: Pick Out Some Sexy Lingerie

Something scant and filmy can do wonders to enhance romance. While many women feel self-conscious or that they need a perfect figure to wear sexy lingerie, it's simply not true.

ROMANCE TIP #6: Put on Mood Music

Set the scene for seduction by playing your favorite sounds. What CDs or MP3s put you in the mood for romance?


ROMANCE TIP #7: Add Diamond Sparkle

If you can afford a diamond ring or bracelet or pendant, go for it. The sparkle in a woman's eyes when she opens such a gift is likely to yield an immediate outburst of romance.

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