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Romantic Getaways for Couples


Whether you're planning a madcap weekend, a romantic getaway, your annual vacation, or a spectacular honeymoon, this is the place to begin a romantic journey. You'll find information on top romantic getaways and accommodations where couples can relax and revel in one another's company.
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  4. Central America
  5. Cruise Getaways
  6. Destination Inspiration
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  8. Mexico Vacations
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  5. Beaches and Mountains
  6. Vacations for Every Reason & Every Season
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Best of the USA

Use these location guides to find the most romantic places for a couple to travel on a honeymoon or vacation in the USA.

Canadian Getaways

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North of the border, there's a world of romance to explore. From French-accented Quebec, to thundering Niagara Falls, to sophisticated Toronto, to Vancouver on the Pacific, these are destinations to love.

Caribbean Islands

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This section will lead you to the Caribbean's best places for honeymoons and romantic getaways. It Covers islands, beaches, hotels, all-inclusives, weather, maps, and more about travel to the island nations of the Caribbean.

Central America

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Why vacation in Central America? A tropical climate, great beaches, and affordable accommodations are drawing increasing numbers of travelers to Central America. So is the publicity from programs such as Survivor and Temptation Island.

Cruise Getaways

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Cruise vacation info for couples, including arranging a cruise wedding, cruise honeymoon, cruise anniversary package, vow renewal cruise, or romantic getaway cruise.

Destination Inspiration

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Can't decide where to go on your next romantic getaway? These articles and images can spur ideas as well as action.

Europe for Romantics

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Explore the most romantic places in Europe together. Old world charm, incredible cuisine, historic places, and sophisticated culture awaits you.

Mexico Vacations

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Mexico has been a favorite vacation travel destination of lovers for generations. Discover the best places for a honeymoon or romantic getaway in Mexico.

Nude Beaches & Resorts

nude resort

Find nude beaches, semi-nude beaches, and nude beach resorts almost anywhere in the world with this travel guide.

Exotic Places

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When you're planning the trip of a lifetime, why not visit some place totally out of the ordinary?

For Adults Only

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Childfree getaways -- including adults-only resorts and nude beaches and accommodations -- can help you to totally unwind and keep your distance from other people's annoying little darlings.

Award-Winning Getaways

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When you're in love, you want only the best. And if your budget can afford it, these luxury lodgings are extraordinary places to splurge.

Beaches and Mountains

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It's an age-old debate: Should we vacation at the beach or head for the hills? I'll help you to decide and also point out some of the best beaches and mountains that couples can choose.

Vacations for Every Reason & Every Season

golf ball resorts

Passion — for life, for each other, for a special activity, place, or time of year — is a great incentive for a getaway. Below find recommendations for travel that feeds your particular passions.

Weekend Getaways

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Weekend getaways are the next best thing to taking a longer vacation. The act of leaving familiar surroundings to explore a new destination even for a quick getaway brings the two of you together, and romantic feelings inevitably surface. Do your relationship a favor by planning a romantic weekend getaway -- and do yourself a favor by finding advice and info here.

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