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What is a Romance Package?

Check in with a Romance Package


What is a Romance Package?

Rose-petal turndown with robes at The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TN.

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A romance package consists of special romantic amenities added by a hotel or resort to enhance a couple's stay.

If you've ever dreamed of checking into a hotel and finding a chilled bottle of wine, two glasses, and a bouquet of fresh roses waiting for you, you're a good prospect for a romance package.

Couples traveling on a honeymoon or arriving to celebrate an anniversary are typical romance package consumers. It's not uncommon for friends or family to arrange a romance package for them ahead of time as a gift (and sometimes as a surprise).

It's also not unusual, when planning a seduction, for one partner or the other to order a romance package in advance.

What Does a Romance Package Consist of?
A romance package can be as simple as a bottle of sparkling wine you receive at check-in or as elaborate as a menu of delights that includes side-by-side massages, limo transportation, and a candlelight dinner for two served in a scenic, private spot.

While every property decides individually what to include in a romance package, these are among the typical amenities offered that set the stage for love:

  • Room or suite with a view and upgrade when available
  • A chilled bottle of wine or champagne with proper glasses
  • Fresh flowers in the room
  • Chocolate assortment or chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Aromatherapy bath for one (or two, if the bathtub is big enough)
  • Candelight dinner for two
  • Bed covered in rose petals at turndown
  • Breakfast in bed for two
  • Late check-out
Finer hotels also pride themselves on being willing (for a cost) to create an original, customized romance package. Sometimes this is part of a stay that includes a marriage proposal. A concierge or manager can work with a potential guest to create a scenario that culminates in the presentation of a diamond engagement ring and, one hopes, an enthusiastic "Yes!"

What Does a Romance Package Cost?
It depends. Sometimes a hotel or resort attaches an extra fee to an overnight rate to cover the elements of a romance package; other times their cost is bundled into a higher price for the accommodations.

Can You Create Your Own Romance Package?
If you'd like to pick-and-choose amenities from a standard hotel package, contact the hotel directly to make your requests. For instance, a teetotaling couple can ask to have sparkling cider or another beverage substituted for the alcoholic vintages.

You can also make a stay more romantic without involving the hotel. These are some of the ways to personalize one:

  • Bring a card or a small gift to leave on the pillow
  • Up the ante: make it a poem or love letter that you've written
  • Cover the lampshades with scarves
  • Light a subtly scented travel candle
  • Pack K-Y products (compare prices) to delight both of you
  • Bring a CD or iPod with your favorite music for lovers on it.
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