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Beach vs. Mountains

The Great Vacation Debate


Beach vs. Mountains

Mount Rainier, Washington.

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Ever since couples have had the luxury of deciding where to take their honeymoon or romantic vacation, the beach vs. mountains debate has raged.

By comparing the qualities and differences between a trip to the beach and one to the mountains against your personal preferences using the table below, you will find it easier to make a decision.

Does your destination have to be an either/or decision? Of course not: You can split your time away between the beach and the mountains — or choose a place where the mountains and the beach are relatively close.

Jamaica, with its Blue Mountains; St Lucia, with its Pitons; and Hawaii, with Mount Haleakala, all meet that description.

Scroll down to see the beach vs mountains comparison chart directly below...

Beach vs. Mountains

Warmer Cooler
Sandy Rocky
Sunnier Shadier
May be crowded May be secluded
Many lodging options Fewer lodging options
Humid Air Fresh, dry air
Water Views Long Views
Sound of waves Sound of wind
Sunning, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, boating Hiking, nature photography, mountain biking
Water skis Snow skis
Boogie boards Snowboards
Flippers Hiking boots, snowshoes
Bathing suits a necessity Extra layers a necessity
May encounter wild parties May encounter wild animals

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