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Ka'ana Boutique Resort


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Ka'ana Boutique Resort in a Nutshell
Ka'ana Boutique Resort

Plantation-hut architecture adorns the resort.

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Western Belize is known for jungle adventures and ancient Mayan sites that make a trip out this way worth it. Ka'ana's convenient location just outside San Ignacio, the area's colorful hub, allows for easy access to them. Ignacio, the bustling "local" town, is some 60 miles from the coast and just east of the border with Guatemala.

The sign for Ka'ana is so unassuming we wondered if we had found the right place, but once inside, we were charmed by the contemporary plantation-hut architecture.

White, mostly one-story buildings with exotic rainforest wood decks and trim are connected by a white stone walkway and lush tropical landscaping. The place is neat as a pin and reads sort of Banana-Republic-khaki lean - a sophisticated natural. The competent staff of mostly young Belizean career women warm the place with sunny smiles and gentle ways.

Everything revolves around the two-tiered, deep cobalt blue, mosaic-tiled swimming pool. It is designed and landscaped to evoke a Belizean jungle watering hole. Water falling from the larger top tier to the smaller pool below is a refreshing background sound.

The pool's moderate size, though proportionate to the buildings that are built around it, is graced with an ample slate patio with wooden umbrellas, chaises, and tables with chairs for lunchtime snacks.

Ka'ana is intimate and small with 15 rooms, an organic garden, a restaurant, and an inviting spa area near the pool. The rest of its 16 acres have yet to be developed.

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