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Crane Beach Hotel in Barbados


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Welcome to Crane Beach Hotel
Crane Beach Hotel in Barbados
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One of the advantages of being the first major resort on a Caribbean island is securing the best location to set it upon.

Encompassing 40 acres on the southeastern coast of Barbados, the Crane Beach Hotel, which first opened in the late 1700s, lays claim to that asset.

Standing on a high promontory, Crane Beach Hotel offers unobstructed views of the sea and the beach far below. The corner turrets of each building house octagonal plunge pools attached to private suites.

Blending the old and the new, the resort takes its design from interiors completed in a 1887 expansion. Inspired by 19th-century colonial architecture, suites boast grand proportions, ocean views, and cooling sea breezes. They also feature elements copied from the original resort, including coral stone walls, hardwood floors, 10 to 12 ft. high ceilings, and natural wood doors and windows.

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