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Green Turtle Club in the Bahamas


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Aquatic Activities at Green Turtle Club
Green Turtle Club in the Bahamas

Bring every swimsuit you own to Green Turtle Club.

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Life is a beach at Green Turtle Club.

Green Turtle Cay is part of a chain of small, naturally sheltered islands, mostly uninhabited, that are a paradise for sailors, fishermen, snorkelers, and divers. The resort can arrange fishing and sailing trips, both charter and group.

Several wild, deserted swaths of sand on Green Turtle Cay’s Atlantic-facing coast beckon within walking distance. The waters edging Coco Bay and White Harbour Bay are gentler, but less private. The resort’s restaurant happily packs lunch-to-go for beachcombers with a picnic in mind.

Many Green Turtle Club guests opt to join high-spirited snorkeling and diving trips masterminded by Brendal’s Dive Center, the property’s on-site dive shop.

Junkets helmed by the charismatic Brendal Stevens often include shore barbecues featuring grilled lobster just plucked from the Caribbean and washed down with boozy tropical drinks.

This resort also has a plain but sizable rectangular pool surrounded by lounge chairs, with bar and snack service.

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