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Atlantis Picture Tour


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Visit the Atlantis Bahamas Stingray Lagoon
Atlantis Resort Stingray Lagoon

A stingray skims a shallow lagoon at Atlantis Resort.

Image (c) 2003 Vince Sardone.
Clear lagoon waters at Atlantis Bahamas afford visitors a great opportunity to observe stingrays. The Stingray Lagoon at Atlantis Bahamas is just one of eleven lagoons within Atlantis' 11-million-gallon marine habitat.

All told, some 200 aquatic species make their home in the warm Atlantis Bahamas waters. The aquarium staff includes more than 60 tenders, including a fish curator. Most are certified divers who devote time to procuring indigenous Bahamas sea life to live in the Atlantis lagoons.

At night Stingray Lagoon and others are lit up to create a starry, moonlight night so that Atlantis Bahamas guests can view the tropical species during balmy evenings.

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