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Choose Accommodations at Atlantis Resort
Atlantis Resort outdoor cafe.

Atlantis Resort outdoor cafe overlooks the Royal Towers.

Image (c) 2003 Vince Sardone.
Atlantis Resort accommodations consist of three separate hotel choices plus the Villas at Atlantis Vacation Club at Harborside Resort.

Top-tier lodgings at Atlantis Resort are located within the iconic pink Royal Towers (pictured). Atlantis Resort Royal Towers hold 1,201 guest rooms, ten percent of which are suites. All rooms feature a private balcony. Atlantis Resort Royal Towers also contains a unique, 5,000-square-foot Bridge Suite that hosts visiting celebrities, dignitaries, and millionaires overnighting at the resort.

The less-expensive Coral Towers at Atlantis Resort contains 693 rooms, including 41 suites and 64 one-bedroom villas. Many of the rooms overlook the lagoons, pools, and waterfalls distinctive to Atlantis Resort.

The Beach Tower at Atlantis Resort is the most affordable place to stay in the hotel. It is located at the easternmost end of Atlantis Resort, so it can call for a bit of a walk to get to main Atlantis Resort attractions.

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