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Bahamas Marriage License Requirements


Bahamas Marriage License Laws:


  • Waiting period: 1 day
  • Declarations certifying both parties are unmarried U.S. citizens sworn before a U.S. Consul at the American Embassy in Nassau or a Bahamas notary public (cost US $30 each)
  • Both parties must apply in person
  • If you are staying at a resort, consult with the manager or wedding coordinator to help you make arrangements to secure your marriage license


    Bahamas Marriage License Fee:


  • US $100 for the marriage license application and US $25 for the marriage certificate


    Identification Needed for a Bahamas Marriage License:


  • Proof of arrival in the Bahamas
  • Passport or birth certificate and photo ID
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate
  • Parental consent for parties under age 18
  • Two witnesses must be present
  • Special requirements apply for Catholic marriages. Couples seeking a Catholic marriage must give three to six months advance notice, participate in a pre-cana course and submit baptismal certificate, confirmation papers and affidavits that they are free to marry each other


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