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Curtain Bluff Resort Antigua


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What to Expect at Curtain Bluff Antigua
Curtain Bluff Resort Antigua

A view of the Caribbean Sea beach from the Curtain Bluff peninsula.

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Nestled on a peninsula on the southern tip of Antigua, you’ll find Curtain Bluff.

This beautiful resort is set on 20 acres with two lovely and different beaches -- one that lies against the serene blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and another along the stormier churn of the Atlantic Ocean.

No matter which of the 72 rooms and suites you stay in, you’ll have a view of the water and a balcony to enjoy it from.

This all-inclusive, family-friendly resort includes all meals, drinks, and a ton of activities, from tennis to water-skiing to scuba.

There is also a pool, a fitness room, and a fabulous spa.

But the best part of vacationing at Curtain Bluff is just relaxing on the beach with a drink and perhaps a book (the resort’s library has plenty of paperbacks to choose from if you need one).

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