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July Anniversary

Celebrate Your July Anniversary with a Gift of Travel


July Anniversary

Celebrate hot times at the beach for your anniversary.

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Is July the month you celebrate your anniversary? While it's thoughtful to exchange cards and presents, many couples consider the greatest gift they can give and get to be a vacation. Below find ideas for planning and booking a July anniversary getaway that both of you will love.

Hot Times in July
When the summer is steamy, the best places to go are ones where you can cool off. So the choices are beaches, mountains, or air-conditioned lovenests that you will only have to leave for sustenence once in a while.

A Patriotic July Anniversary
July doesn't only mark your anniversary; it's the anniversary of the founding of the USA as well. Across the country, towns host Fourth of July celebrations. Whether you want to celebrate in New York City, where Macy's annually puts on a spectacular fireworks show; in Washington, DC; or in beach towns across the country, there'll be parties and concerts, ice cream and fun this holiday.

Smooth Sailing in July
July -- the entire summer, in fact -- is prime time for cruising. It's when couples have the widest selection of itineraries. Whether you want to explore the islands of the Caribbean and enjoy time on their sun-drenched beaches, visit the great cities of Europe, or even sail to even more exotic ports, you have a wide selection of cruises and itineraries to choose from.

In addition to the fun and romance of cruising, you can also celebrate your July anniversary onboard by arranging special perks or even a vow renewal ceremony on the high seas.

Hint: Tell the restaurant maitre'd the exact date of your anniversary, and he may surprise you with something special at dinner.

Exotic Destination Pick in July: Fiji
July is an optimal time to visit Fiji on your anniversary. It's a cooler and dryer time of year, with lower humidity. Gorgeous, eye-dazzling natural beaches and water, and a great place for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Keep in Mind
School's out in July, and families are on vacation. If your idea of a romantic anniversary does not include children, you'll be happiest at adult-only hotels and casino resorts.

Price a July Anniversary Getaway

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