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December Anniversary

Ideas to End the Year with a December Anniversary Celebration


December Anniversary
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December is such a romantic time to marry, a season when family and friends gather for the holidays. Yet when your anniversary rolls around and you want to celebrate with a trip, it's not always as much of a joy. December is a busy, hectic, crowded, and expensive time to travel, particularly the closer it gets to December 25. But don't let that deter you! Early December is usually clear. And here's an idea: If you're willing to travel on Christmas Day, crowds are very light. Otherwise, you may want to shift your travel dates to the first two weeks of December, or January after New Year's. The Lure of the Tropics
Hurricane season is over and winter's chill has set in, making points south particularly appealing for a December anniversary getaway. Whether you decide to travel domestically or overseas, it's prime time for beach destinations. Your piña coladas await. Snow Fun on Your Anniversary
Ski resorts are in high gear in December. Hot chocolate and hot toddies, champagne by a blazing fireplace, winter sports of all kinds, and perhaps even a dip in a heated pool surrounded by snow-covered mountains will warm your hearts during your anniversary journey. Las Vegas for Lovers
December is one of the most exciting times of the year to visit Las Vegas. The weather is temperate yet the sun is strong. Some of the greatest entertainers in the world come to Vegas to perform in December. And when the city quiets down (relatively) in the week between Christmas and New Year's, it's a true playground for couples in love. Want to do something really special? Celebrate your anniversary with a vow-renewal ceremony at one of Vegas' famed wedding chapels. Tahiti: The Anniversary Trip of a Lifetime
If you've always wanted to swim in the pristine blue-green waters of French Polynesia and experience her magnificent islands and beaches, December is the optimal time to visit this destination in the South Pacific Ocean that has long been synonymous with paradise. Choose a cruise or lodge in one of her magnificent hotels. A travel agent I once met said, "If you're thinking of getting a divorce, go to Tahiti instead. It's much cheaper, and you'll fall back in love with each other." Swing Through Southeast Asia
Most of the year, Thailand is blisteringly hot. But in December and January it approaches normal temperatures. Beaches, Buddhist temples, and the gentle Thai spirit and instinctive hospitality make many couples devotees of this amazing land. Price a December Anniversary Getaway Travel at Another Time
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