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Before You Celebrate an Anniversary


An anniversary is an important time for a couple to celebrate. It signals that they've reached a milestone in their relationship.

The occasion can commemorate the years they've been together since their first date, first kiss, engagement, wedding, or another event that has deeply personal meaning to both members of the couple.

If you have an anniversary coming up, or want to plan an anniversary event for a special couple, these ideas will help you to make it a truly special event.

Count the Years

It's traditional to celebrate an anniversary with a gift that symbolizes the number of years a couple has been together. By clicking on the links below you can find what types of gifts are considered traditional and whose which are deemed a modern anniversary gift. And because I believe the best anniversary gift is a gift of travel, I suggest those for each annual milestone in a relationship as well.

Search by Anniversary Year
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Plan a Second Honeymoon

If you married young, or didn't have much money to go someplace wonderful after you wed, or didn't have a honeymoon at all, then an anniversary is the perfect time to take the honeymoon you always wanted. Celebrate by making your anniversary trip a second honeymoon. That means getting away to a romantic place where just the two of you (no kids allowed!) can act like honeymooners and be undisturbed.

Organize a Vow Renewal

To mark an important anniversary, many couples combine an adults-only trip or second honeymoon with a vow renewal.

They choose a resort or cruise line that offers a vow renewal ceremony (some places include a vow renewal free with a booking; others charge relatively little). Then there are couples who opt for a vow renewal that is more elaborate than their first wedding — complete with a large guest list, custom decorations, and a multi-course catered reception — which does add to the bottom line.

Buy New Wedding Bands

Over the years wedding bands can become lost, no longer fit, or go out of style. Some couples celebrate their anniversary by shopping for new wedding bands that they later exchange in private or during a vow renewal ceremony.

Express Your Feelings

However you decide to celebrate an anniversary, be sure to express how you feel to your significant other. An anniversary card (or several), flowers, chocolates, perhaps a love letter, and a gift that shows you really know the other person and what they love will be appreciated. Such gifts of love can go a long way to ensure you have many more anniversary dates together in the future.

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