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All-Inclusive Honeymoons


All-inclusives, especially those exclusively for adults, are popular for honeymoons and romantic getaway. The advantage to all-inclusive honeymoons is that you basically know in advance what your vacation will cost. The all-inclusive price includes accommodations, meals, snacks, beverages, on-site activities, and entertainment. In recent years, many all-inclusives now tempt guests to spend more once they arrive on spa treatments, better wines, upgrades, and off-site adventures and excursions. If you avoid upsells, you can stay within budget.
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All About All-Inclusives


Before you decide to honeymoon and spend your vacation at an all-inclusive, find out what to expect at this kind of resort and whether or not it is right for you.

All-Inclusive Resort Brands

The major all-inclusive brands have multiple beach locations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. If you vacation at one all-inclusive and like it, it's probable that you will find the services and amenities at a sister all-inclusive will similar to those in another location. However, since there are continual renovations and openings, it's important to know how updated an all-inclusive is before you select it. Here you can find out about the major all-inclusive brands that welcome couples.

All-Inclusives in the Caribbean

Thanks to their breezy tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and warm turquoise waters, the islands and nations of the Caribbean are home to a wide selection of all-inclusive resorts.

All-Inclusives Elsewhere

If you'd like to visit an all-inclusive in a particular destination other than the Caribbean, use this directory.

Sandals Resorts Close Up

The best-known all-inclusive brand exclusively for adults, Sandals resorts are located in the Caribbean. The majority are in Jamaica and St. Lucia. When you stay at one, you are entitled to privileges at nearby others.

Iberostar Resorts Close Up

An award-winning luxury brand with all-inclusives some 100 resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe, Iberostar has separate couples and family-friendly properties.

Weddings & Anniversaries

As the popularity of destination weddings has soared, more and more couples choose an all-inclusive to hold their wedding. Most resorts have a wedding coordinator to help with the venue (sunset beach weddings are much in demand), secure documentation to ensure the wedding is legal, and organize decorations, food, and festivities. Some couples combine a wedding and honeymoon at the same resort -- or travel to a nearby one to begin celebrating marriage in privacy.

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