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Why Honeymoon in Los Angeles?


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Eva Longoria Tells You What She Loves About Los Angeles
Why Honeymoon in Los Angeles?
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Love cheese? Visit Vermont.

Love cowboys? Make your way to Montana.

Love celebrities? The LA Convention and Visitors Bureau to Promote Tourism to Los Angeles is banking on the fact that its greatest local asset, celebrities, will lure you there.

The organization has signed on 50 Los Angeles-based celebrities to participate in the campaign, which welcomes visitors ot Los Angeles airport (LAX) and can be seen at other heavily trafficked sites in the city.

Each celebrity points out a different aspect of the city that makes it a good choice for a vacation, a romantic getaway, even a honeymoon. Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives says, “It doesn’t get better than driving down Sunset Boulevard and catching a comedy show like ‘Hot Tamales Live.'”

In an bit of quid pro quo promotion, ‘Hot Tamales Live’” refers to the all-female, comedy-variety show Longoria co-produces at the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip.

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