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Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam


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Sofitel the Grand Amsterdam Hotel in a Nutshell
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Hotel entrance.

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In a stately courtyard beside a canal, Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam is one of the city's finest hotels.

Dating back to the 15th century, the property on which Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam stands has at various times served as a convent, then the Royal Inn, and later the City Hall of Amsterdam.

The hotel opened in its current form in 1992 and was taken over by the Accor group in 1999.

Thanks to its civic provenance and well-preserved artistic and architectural treasures, Sofitel the Grand Amsterdam is among the city’s preferred locales for weddings. It contains Amsterdam's historic Marriage Chamber, and weddings are conducted in an intimate room decorated with priceless murals depicting love, marriage, and life beyond.

Other treasures within the hotel include beautiful stained glass windows, tapestries, lamps, woodcarvings, and other items on display for all to enjoy.

Four PCs in the business center with Internet access are available to use at no cost, allowing visitors to check email and surf the Web.

Thanks to its providing top service in a well-preserved landmark building, Sofitel the Grand Amsterdam earned a spot on the list of the World’s Best Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Lines, as voted by readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

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