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Jet Airways


Jet Airways

Premiere-class seat on Airbus 300.

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What is Jet Airways?:

Jet Airways is an India-based airline that began operations in 1993. Today it is India’s largest domestic carrier and that country's second-largest international airline. Jet Airways flies to dozens of international destinations, including New York's JFK and Newark Airports in the USA and Toronto, Canada. Flights from the New York area and Toronto land in Brussels en route to more distant destinations.

Jet Airways Equipment:

Internationally Jet Airways flies Airbus 330-200 aircraft, which feature 30 premiere-class seats and just under 200 economy-class seats. Aircraft is relatively new and well-maintained.

Dining Aboard Jet Airways:

Menus change monthly on Jet Airways. In Europe, Belgium's acclaimed chef Yves Mattagne works with Gate Gourmet to develop fare that works well in the air, where taste buds tend to dull. Passengers in both premiere and economy class receive a printed menu with choices of Indian or western food. If I hadn’t had a tour of Gate Gourmet's immaculate production facilities and learned that no meal is more than 24 hours old and the employees take refrigeration, heating, and proper cooking times very seriously, I might have avoided an entree with bechamel sauce. But the purveyors won my trust — and the dish my accolades.

Jet Airways Crew:

Jet Airways crew in both classes are a breed apart from the harried and irritable flight attendants one increasingly encounters on United States carriers. At the beginning of the flight passengers are greeted by the graceful and good-tempered staff, assisted with carry-on luggage, and offered a clean, warm cloth before dining. Male and female attendants alike are strikingly handsome in their marigold-colored Nehru jackets. Whether your cabin is attended by a turban-wearing Sikh or a doe-eyed female, you are likely to be well-treated throughout the flight.

Jet Airways Premiere Class:

Business and first-class seating is combined in Jet Airways' premiere class. On most equipment, passengers get a podlike aisle seat that reclines and has footrests that elevate at the touch of a button. The seat can be converted to a narrow bed, but even with a thin duvet it is too hard to be truly comfortable. Donning complimentary pajamas may help. When it's time to eat, passengers are treated like guests in a fine restaurant. Champagne, cloth napkins, real silverware, and Rosenthal china edged in gold add a touch of class, as do the Bulgari toiletries included in the complimentary amenities kit.

Jet Airways Economy Class:

Jet Airways' international economy class is relatively pleasant, especially for passengers who sit on either side of the plane. Crew is as gracious and helpful as in premiere class; they're just busier. Passengers receive a printed menu with choices of Indian or western food. We tried the Indian food first, and it was too spicy for us; staff kindly switched us to delicious poached Nile perch with fried potato cubes. Dessert was chocolate profiteroles with crème anglais. Cloth napkins and real silverware helped us to maintain the fantasy that although we were seated in economy, we weren't second-class citizens.

Jet Airways Entertainment:

Passengers in both premiere and economy class are provided with the same entertainment choices, although the screens are different. Premiere-class passengers get a large, swing-out touch screen from which to choose Hollywood or Bollywood movies; economy class passengers make the same selections from small seatback screens. Avid movie goers may find the choices limited (if they've been spoiled by Virgin Atlantic), and TV offerings are scant. There was a power plug between our two seats in coach, but it was not live.

Where are the Best Passenger Seats on Jet Airways?:

The last row of premiere class appears to have slightly more room than other rows. In economy class, two-by-two seats on either side of the plane are preferable to center seats. Airbus equipment narrows toward the back of the plane, so there the seating configuration changes from 2-4-2 to 2-3-2, which makes for wider aisles.

Smart Travelers Use Jet Airways...:

... to get to London or Paris. Fly into Brussels and board the Eurostar (buy tickets online) at Brussels Midi station. The high-speed train delivers passengers to the center of those European capitals (London in 2 hours, Paris under 1:30), rather than depositing them at airports miles from the city centers. The cost of the Jet Airways flight and Eurostar ticket can be less that flying direct to London or Paris — and you get to see Brussels in the bargain.

Find Out More About Jet Airways:

Jet Airways Web Site: jetairways.com
US Reservations Number: 1-877-835-9538
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