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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring - Honeymoons/Romantic Travel
At a point in nearly every man's life, there comes a time when his heart knows it's time for buying a diamond engagement ring for the woman he loves. A symbol ...
Engagement Ring Laws - Marriage - About.com
Although etiquette rules that an engagement ring should be returned when a wedding is called off regardless of who broke the engagement, the legal system ...
The Ideal Wedding Engagement Period - Wedding Traditions
According to various sources, the average engagement last year spanned 13 to 16 months. A nearly deadlocked opinion in the Wedding channel's poll on the ...
Marriage Proposals - a guide to popping the question - Engagements
... wedding proposals? Here's everything you need to know - from dos and don'ts, to engagement ring buying advice, to readers' own stories of their engagements.
Chinese Wedding Traditions – Engagement - Chinese Culture
In the past, engagements were arranged by parents and matchmakers. The engagement consisted of 'six courtesies.' The six courtesies were: marriage ...
Throwing an Engagement Party - Weddings - About.com
Engagement parties can be a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement, but not everyone has one. Here's advice on whether you should have one, ...
Announcing Your Engagement: Who to Tell When, What to Say
Looking to announce your engagement but not sure where to start? Here's the steps you should take, the etiquette on whom to tell first. Page 1 of 2.
History of the Engagement Ring - Wedding Traditions - About.com
Part of wedding traditions since the ancient Egyptians, the modern engagement ring -- in all its diamond dazzling glory -- is rooted in the culture of European ...
Making Your Engagement Special and Memorable - Weddings
Your engagement is a special period in your life of anticipation, celebration and love. Though it's easy just to think of your engagement as a countdown to your ...
Questions Engaged Couples Should Discuss Before Marriage
... Before Getting Married. By Sheri Stritof. See More About. before you get married · communication tips · engagements · marriage questions · premarriage ...
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