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A Guide to Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry - About.com
Our diamond guide covers the Four Cs of white and colored diamonds, along with facts about diamond fluorescence, commonly used treatments that enhance a ...
All About Diamonds and the Four Cs - Jewelry - About.com
Four important diamond characteristics are referred to as the Four Cs -- clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Get the facts before you shop for diamonds.
All About Fancy Color Diamonds - Jewelry - About.com
Learn about fancy colored diamonds. Get pricing details, answers to fancy color diamond FAQ and the scoop on those popular pink diamonds.
Fancy Color Diamonds - Gem Buying Advice - Jewelry - About.com
Another group of diamonds sits on the other end of the color spectrum, diamonds we want to be packed with vibrant hues. Called fancy color diamonds, these ...
The Special Four Cs of Fancy Color Diamonds - Jewelry - About.com
When it comes to the Four Cs, fancy color diamonds aren't judged in the same way we judge white (colorless) diamonds. Here's an explanation to help you ...
Diamond and Gemstone Guide - Jewelry - About.com
Find out how diamonds and colored gemstones can be manipulated to make them more attractive, and decide if treated gemstones are a good option for your  ...
Popular Shapes and Cuts for Fancy Colored Diamonds - Jewelry
Cutting a fancy color diamond requires different considerations than cuts used for white, or colorless, diamonds. We'll explain.
Best Ways to Evaluate Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry - About.com
Use our tutorial to become familiar with the world of diamonds. You'll find advice to help you evaluate and buy a diamond that's just right for your needs.
Facts About Black Diamonds - Jewelry - About.com
We've seen thousands of black diamonds on celebrity wrists and fingers in the last few years, and more of the gems fashioned into long chains and other types ...
Diamonds Created from Human Ashes - Jewelry - About.com
LifeGem and other companies specialize in creating memorial diamonds -- fancy color diamonds made from cremation ashes. Would you wear a diamond made ...
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