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Diamond - Carbon Chemistry & Crystal Structure - About.com
Chemistry of Diamonds. Here, learn about the chemistry and crystal structure of diamonds, as well as their various properties and the different types.
Chemistry of Diamonds - Properties and Types - About.com
Properties of Diamonds. Diamond is the hardest natural material. The Mohs hardness scale, on which diamond is a '10' and corundum (sapphire) is a '9', ...
A Guide to Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry - About.com
Get the facts you need to make decisions when it's time to shop for diamond jewelry. Our diamond guide covers the Four Cs of white and colored diamonds, ...
All About Fancy Color Diamonds - Jewelry - About.com
Learn about fancy colored diamonds. Get pricing details, answers to fancy color diamond FAQ and the scoop on those popular pink diamonds.
All About Diamonds and the Four Cs - Jewelry - About.com
Four important diamond characteristics are referred to as the Four Cs -- clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Get the facts before you shop for diamonds.
Fancy Color Diamonds - Gem Buying Advice - Jewelry - About.com
When it's time to buy a diamond, we spend a significant amount of time juggling their characteristics to find a gemstone with a combination of qualities that suits ...
Diamond and Gemstone Guide - Jewelry - About.com
Our guide to diamonds and gemstones helps you get the facts you need to make smart jewelry buying decisions. Find out how diamonds and colored ...
Facts and Characteristics of Diamond Cuts - Jewelry - About.com
The term diamond cut does not tell us a diamond's shape. Cut refers to diamond proportions, such as depth and width and the uniformity of a diamond's facets.
Get the Facts About Diamond Clarity - Jewelry - About.com
Diamond clarity is an important factor used to evaluate the quality and value of a diamond. Get the facts about diamond clarity and learn how it affects the look ...
Diamond - Native Element Minerals - Geology - About.com
Diamond is a rare form of carbon, the element C, in native form.
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